1257 Mile Electric Car Challenge

1257 Miles from Ness Point to Ardnamurchan and Back! In a Tesla Model S

On the BBC Radio Suffolk Sofa with Sarah Lilley

As I continue to ride the wave of euphoria of completing the 1200 mile east to west  Gadget Road Trip with my lifelong friend Andy. Today I joined BBC Radio Suffolk’s Sarah Lilley on the Sofa in Ipswich and explained how the challenge came about and how it felt to drive 1200 miles in an Electric Car and why I love Gadgets!

I also talked about how I met Vanessa, how I listen to music and an ill fated trip to Tunisia in 1996.

Listen in to the stream, bookmark the site, we have a LOAD of reviews coming up over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

About Our Electric Trip

On the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th October 2017, I will be travelling from Ness Point to Ardnamurchan Lighthouse (and back!), completely under electric power in a Tesla Model S 100D. It’s a journey of 1200 miles. Not only will it illustrate that Electric Cars are a serious alternative to petrol and diesel. The trip is self funded, so any assistance is gratefully accepted. Our wish list is below.

Firstly, thank you to Adelphi Distillery in Ardnamurchan and Adnams of Southwold for each agreeing to trading a bottle of their finest Spirit and Whisky with each other. It will be a pleasure to be part of the trade

Thank you to the East Anglian Daily Times, Ipswich Star and Lowestoft Journal for our coverage.



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Ness Point Lowestoft

Ness Point, also known as Lowestoft Ness, is the most easterly point of England, the United Kingdom and the British Isles. It is located in Lowestoft in the Waveney District of the county of Suffolk.

The site is located to the north of the town centre and has a direction marker, known as Euroscope, marking locations in other countries and how far away they are from Ness Point.

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Ness Point Lowestoft


Ardnamurchan is a 50-square-mile (130 km2) peninsula in the ward management area of Lochaber, Highland, Scotland, noted for being very unspoilt and undisturbed.

Its remoteness is accentuated by the main access route being a single track road for much of its length. The most westerly point of mainland Great Britain, Corrachadh Mòr, is in Ardnamurchan.

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1200 Miles Electricity Only - Enter the Supercharger

Tesla Superchargers are a network of 480-volt fast-charging stations built by Tesla Inc. to allow longer journeys for their all-electric manufactured vehicles, through quick charging of the vehicle’s battery packs giving the 90 kWh Model S an additional 170 miles (270 km) of range in about 30 minutes charge and a full charge in around 75 minutes. A software update provided in 2015 to all Tesla cars uses demand information from each Supercharger station to plan the fastest route, if charging will be necessary to reach the destination.

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